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Charity brings to life again those who are spiritually dead.

Choosing a fundraising idea for your non-profit or charity is sometimes difficult. There are a lot of things to consider from donor reception to your budget and estimated time commitment. Sometimes you need to run a quick and easy project to fund an immediate need. Other times, you must organize a creative fundraiser to bring in a lot of money over a longer period (an annual giving campaign, for example).
We know this well, as thousands of non-profit and social good projects have used online fundraising platform to raise millions. Through this, we’ve seen non-profit and charities use a variety of fundraising ideas to raise money for their cause successfully.

Giving to charity doesn’t require a lot of disposable income. If you want to make the world a better place, you can still contribute without cutting a big check. Many charitable organizations survive through the efforts of volunteers. Volunteering is a worthy way to contribute to your community and can be just as valuable as cash donations. If you have a special skill — such as writing, cooking, or photography — consider offering your services pro bono. Many charities, non-profits, and advocacy groups have specialized needs but can’t afford dedicated staff. Many charities and non-profits accept donated goods, including clothes, shoes, furniture, and cars. If you have some stuff to get rid of, consider giving it to a good cause rather than throwing it out. You can raise funds for charity in many ways — by organizing a local collection, sharing your favourite causes on social media, or participating in a sponsored walk. If you have a network of caring people and some hustle, you can raise a hefty donation. If your friends and loved ones often ask you for birthday or holiday gift ideas, you can ask them to donate to a favourite charity instead. Many charities make it easy to set up a campaign to gather birthday donations for their organization.

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